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I'm Lindsay Neibauer,
but you already knew that.

My German last name rhymes with sigh power. I'm sure you know the power of a good ole sigh.

Whether I'm an integrated part of a team, contributing individually or in charge of a contract project, I always strive to put the user first. 


How I got started in user research

I began to learn the ins and outs of user research on the job when my role at a small company required me to lead the efforts for a full website redesign. It was fantastic to discover not only what users' pain points were through data and interviews, but to discover that that is a job in itself!

Since then I've been learning all I can about UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, and user behavior. 

Big thanks to the Minnesota chapter of UXPA for providing a supportive and encouraging environment with great speakers!

What I've been working on 

As a freelance UX Researcher and Designer, I've focused primarily on optimizing websites for regional brands.


I look forward to joining a collaborative team to tackle larger-scale, longer-term projects that can have an even bigger impact.

What I'm curious about

I've always been curious about how to improve and optimize things, whether that's in the digital space or the physical space.


My tools and methods have become a bit more sophisticated (rather than a hand-made graph paper floor plan to rearrange the furniture, I now use InDesign), but the rush of finding just the right orientation is the same. 

Contact me


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